Some experience on COVID-19 prevention and control

Now Corona-virus is spreading all over the world. Recently we receive much news from clients about the situation of their countries. We know some of you are worried about the virus.

In the past time, we experienced the same as you are experiencing now. We want to share some experience with you about how we spend the passed a hard time. Hope this will do some help.

From the statistic data, the virus is not so horrible, just like the flue which happened often. But the spreading of corona-virus is strong. During the epidemic, we are asked to stay at home and don’t go out. Because if many people are affected at the same time, there is not enough bed and doctors in the hospital. Most people lost their life Because they can’t be treated at peak times.

At the same time, when finding the affected people, the people he has met and contacted before will be found out and asked to quarantined for 14 days, if there is no symptom related to the virus, that means they are safe.

If they are affected and not serious, they can use Chinese traditional medicine or medicine from the hospital, stay in a quarantined room to recover. If not serious, many can recover during this period.

Keep a good mood, do more exercise and stay at home.

If we must go outside, a mask is very necessary. And when back home, the clothes need to be disinfected with 75% alcohol. In this way, the chance of being infected will be very low

It’s a good chance to enjoy the time with our family Since usually, the work takes a lot of our time. At the same time, there is enough time for reading and learning the things that you are interested in. Finding some things to do will make us feel much better. 

Thanks for all the blessings of our clients and friends.

During the hard time, we receive a lot of help from your countries.

we really appreciate it sincerely.

Now we will bless all of you and we are sure the epidemic will pass soon. And our country will help and share all the experience. Please don’t worry, we are together as a big family on the same earth. If you need any help, please let us know. 

Picture From China Daily


Post time: May-27-2020

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