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The "past and present lives" of Sansen technology


Independent registered and established Sansen Technology


One project management department to five project management departments have been established, and the enterprise project management standards and norms have been promulgated

Production line (complete sets of equipment) technical scheme economic accounting comparison, cost management and control methods and other enterprise management

The program file of the system.


The automation division is split to transfer foreign distance education training and distance after-sales technical support business to Sansen Intelligence

Research Institute, established by Guilishun Industrial Control Vocational Training School.


According to the company’s development plan, the formal introduction of robot research and development, the establishment of Sansen Intelligent Research Institute,

The Ministry of Industrial Control was transformed into an automation business division, which is also responsible for foreign distance education training and remote after-sales technology support



The company officially set up the industrial control department


ishun machinery factory in three years since its establishment, due to domestic industry overcapacity, in order to meet the needs of the development of Europe and external markets, the company decided to merge foreign operators and organizations into sansen international trade division, and guli shun machinery factory two brands “respectively, independent accounting, merger assessment” this stage, is the company out of China, expand the external market, sansen international trade division is the predecessor of sansen technology company.


With the end of the second phase of production plant construction and renovation project, enterprise leaders keenly aware of the changes of domestic and foreign markets, by actively participating in the international professional exhibition, gradually establish cooperation with international mainstream woodworking machinery dealers, wood processing products to the international market, and with Russia, the United States, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and other countries established a long-term partnership, the machinery factory as technology integration, fine management enterprise, began to establish a series of manufacturing management process and standards, the “management standardization” as the enterprise purpose, this is the company’s prominence, began to rise an important moment.


Guilishun Machinery Factory is legally registered and established, close to the establishment of the production department, process and technology department, accounting department, after-sales department, etc.. This stage is the small lotus to show the sharp corner, to make full preparation for the future transformation.


The preparatory office of Guishun Machinery Factory was established and located on the second floor of Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Hall.At that time, the design, procurement, market operation, base construction and other aspects of related talents.

For wood structure house and its front and rear process extensive research, and obtained relevant new practical patents (wood structure housing system), energy system (cold source and heat source collection), air treatment system, medium water treatment system, environmental protection and garbage treatment system, house decoration materials, including decorative wood lines, solid wood floor, solid wood furniture, Windows and wood decoration series, as an infant, but the government departments and industry by the care and attention of the integrated wood structure housing system.